WHAT IS Leadership Trifecta?

We believe each person can increase their POTENTIAL & PASSION by becoming more aware of their unique skills and capabilities. Our goal is to assist individuals and organizations by identifying limiting beliefs and resolving issues hindering desired results. You can increase performance, have a greater sense of purpose, clarity and balance.

We provide leadership training and personal development program.  It was envisioned over five years ago by Chris Conneen, Founder of Higher Purpose Holding, LLC. His desire was to build a high performance team and provide life-changing leadership experiences and education to everyone in the company. His goal was to set the expectations and provide the training tools to actively engage all the employees to allow them to develop to their full potential. He sought out the top thought leaders and teamed with Rudy Miick (Conscious Communications) and Kevin VanDyke (Open Book Management) to define and establish the systems, processes, and training. The results of implementing these new tools were immediately beneficial to the company. It has been operational now for a few years and has resulted in year over year growth, giving opportunity to the whole team for career advancement.

Chris recently joined forces with Roy Milton, Certified John Maxwell Teacher, Speaker, and Coach to establish the Leadership Trifecta, LLC. Leadership Trifecta leveraged the existing teaching material, made a few refinements, and added a Servant Leadership track to enhance our services. We are offering this life-changing learning experience to the public. We have an abundance of material covering the internal business processes and procedures to kick-start any business into a high productive culture. We are offering an array of on-going courses and workshops to meet the expectations of personal and professional development needs.…these courses are now open to the public for individuals and businesses.