Leadership and Teaching

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Chris Conneen
Being in the Hospitality & Pizza business for almost 30 years should speak volumes about my passion to serve others.
Coming from a long line of very talented artist, I have inherited some very creative as well as innovative genes.
I experienced the entrepreneurial awakening when I was 21 and have been on an incredible journey ever since.

Rudy Miick
Our work is grounded in the fast paced, highly volatile world of restaurants, hotels, and resort start ups, growth, and ongoing high performance. This field of expertise translates to maximizing performance in any business that considers themselves in the service industry, even more to those owning “the experience economy.”

Kevin VanDyke
Broad experience helping people and organizations find direction, understand the task and make it happen.
Business coaching and consultation with clients to achieve growth and profitability goals. Special project work that includes mergers and acquisition, planning/budgeting and startup management.
Risk management and insurance negotiation. Former commercial insurance agent and CFO.

Roy Milton
As a John Maxwell Coach, Teacher and Speaker, I offer seminars, coaching, and the unique Maxwell 360 Degree LEADERSHIP Assessment. Identify exactly where you – and your team – need to grow in Leadership and Communication skills.